Before the transfer

Q.What is a Shared Shuttle Transfer?

A. It is a transfer from the airport to one of the places ordered, shared with other passengers if desired, benefiting from the comfort of a private transfer at economic costs. Our company owns and manages a fleet of more than 10 vehicles, which gives us the opportunity to transfer passengers according to a schedule and an on an optimal route. All transfers made by RomaniaShuttle are door-to-door type, this kind of transfer having an optimal cost for the passenger. The maximum number of stops on the route is limited to 3.

Q. What is a VIP Private Transfer?

A. This is a transfer by the vehicle wholly and exclusively reserved for the customer. Upon arrival, our driver waits with the company logo and the client’s name . He will drive to the destination address as soon as you boarded the car. This type of transfer is most appreciated by business people.

Q. What facilities does Romania Shuttle offer? Can I smoke? Is Air Conditioning? What is the maximum number of seats offered by a means of transport? Is there a car seat for children?

A. The most important feature is the accurate and timely transfer. No smoking is allowed in any vehicle. All vehicles are air conditioned and can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers plus their luggage (max. 1 suitcase / passenger free of charge). Free WiFi is available on request and a baby car seat is provided.

Q. After booking a VIP or Shared Shuttle transfer, how can we find the car at the airport?

A. The company’s vehicles are at the exit of the arriving passenger terminal on the right. Our driver waits for you at the arrival terminal, with your company name for Shared Shuttle and your name for VIP transfer. If necessary, you can call the phone number displayed on the site where an operator will give you all the support.

Q. Why do I need a boarding voucher? Can I just make a sign in the street just like we do at an ordinary taxi?

A. In order not to create complaints about the reservation, and to ensure that our driver is sure that he / she is taking the right passenger, it is necessary that the boarding pass be presented when boarding. Due to the fact that on the board of Romania Shuttle vehicles you cannot pay with credit card, all the transfers require a preliminary reservation, for each customer transported by us.

Q. What other means of transport are available at the airport?

A. Bus and taxi. Buses do not leave you at the door of the hotel, they only stop at special stations arranged in Cluj. Taxis are expensive and you often must stay at the queue for a long time until a taxi is issued.

During the transfer

Q. How long does a transfer take to my hotel?

A. The average length of a transfer from the airport to the center is 15 minutes, and to the periphery about 25 minutes

Q. Should I give the driver a tip? Do I have to pay for my luggage?

A. You should not give any tip to the drivers because they are trained to meet all the requirements of the customers, but if you were satisfied with the driver’s services, he would appreciate your attention. You do not have to pay for luggage(one suitcase is free of charge). For extra luggage is a charge that you can find on the transfer offer.

Q. Is there an extra charge for a traffic jam?

A. No, our prices have been fixed in advance and we will do our best to transfer you quickly and safely to your destination.

After the transfer

Q.I forgot something in the car. What do I do?

A. You have to call immediately the  dispatcher and in the shortest time you will get back into the possession of the forgotten object.